Where can I purchase your products?2019-09-30T13:55:42-04:00

Only by ordering on our site. They are not sold in stores.

I just bought my security partner, what must I do so the person who is willing to assist me may do so?2019-09-30T13:56:47-04:00

All you have to do is hand that person the unit, plug it somewhere in that person’s house and voilà!

We each bought a security partner and would like to mutually help each other; how may we proceed?2019-09-30T13:57:13-04:00

All you have to do is exchange units. Everything will function perfectly.

Does your system work with batteries?2019-09-30T13:57:53-04:00

Only the remote works with one or two batteries, the rest is powered by the electricity circuit where you are.

How long do the batteries last?2019-09-30T13:58:15-04:00

Some long-lasting batteries are included (one or two depending on the model). They can last a couple of years since they are rarely used. It is wise to check from time to time; a light will appear on the remote.

Does your system come with a warranty?2019-09-30T13:58:44-04:00

Yes, all pieces are under warranty, all but the batteries.

The system is broken; can I send it back?2019-09-30T13:59:08-04:00

Of course! We will give you a full refund, or send you a brand new one, you will have to cover the delivery charges. Please check, an electronic verification is done before its marketing.

Can my partner and I use a code while sending a signal?2019-09-30T13:59:38-04:00

Of course! For example, a long signal when it is very serious, and two short ones when it can be considered less serious. Although it is wise to remember it should be considered a preventive method before anything else.

We currently have a security partner at home, is it possible to add one or more remotes?2019-09-30T14:00:06-04:00

Yes, you may add as many as you want. Everything on how to synchronize it/them to the existing system will be explained to you with the extra remotes you will receive. All it takes is a couple seconds.

Your price includes all pieces, handling fees, taxes and transport. Are there going to be any more fees later on?2019-09-30T14:00:30-04:00

No other fees will come your way.

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