How doew Secure Partner works?

Efficient communication system

It’s handy if the person who will be assisting you is nearby

Who can it help?

A first range of three (3) products target without distinction people living in family environments; children, adults, elders, whether they live alone, bedridden, or whether they are handicapped or in perfect health.

Any person studently in need of assistance; a fall, a serious injury, the fear of an intruder, a child who is scared in the night, an important physical or mental discomfort, the need to be hospitalized, etc.

To receive help quickly

Why risk isolation in such cases, or why believe such things only happen to others… nothing is less certain!

Prevention is no flaw, no luxury, and “I should’ve been more prepared” is a phrase no one should have to say.

Why, there must be another way?

First of all, to engage a reaction quickly… it is fundamental. Any delay causes potential complication, which can lead to permanent loss.

There is no quicker way to send a SOS, an actual split second is needed.

It is also because most of the time, the person requiring assistance is in a situation where he/she cannot react correctly. How can you dial a number you forgot, or when you can’t see the numbers?

To finish off, is so simple to use, efficient and always there for you, day or night!

Our “Secure Partner” sets for residential use

For couples with or without children

The kit includes one sonic alert base station that plugs into any wall outlet, one wireless transmitter to be hung permanently in the bathroom, and two others to be located at strategic locations elsewhere in the home. They should be located in easy to reach spots and always kept there so you won’t have to look for them when you need them.

The alert tone is loud enough (without being overwhelming) to be heard throughout the home, from the basement to the first and second floors, when the need arises.

You can order as many additional wireless transmitters as you need.


people living alone

We have two (2) models available :

Short Range :

This model (short range and lower cost) can transmit throughout the same floor as well as to one floor above or below. It can cover an area of up to four apartments when they are located in an apartment building or a condominium complex. It can even reach a nearby neighbor (private home).

Short range transmitter

Long Range :

This model, which uses a long distance transmitter, works exactly like the short range model, but it is more powerful, covering a wider area, and therefore slightly more expensive.

Long range transmitter