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While having a stroke, it’s a question of time between health and disability.
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Who is «Secure Partner »?

It is whilst being around someone who suffered a cardio-vascular accident that our project was born. This person hadn’t been treated in time; a couple of crucial minutes were lost before reaching the hospital. Since then, this person has lost the ability to express herself verbally, she moves with difficulty and her right side. Her case wasn’t one of a kind.

Here’s a problem to take care of. Here’s our mission. We then tackled extensive research and development work and did so according a lot of importance to the task.

Now, at Helmax inc. We design electronic ways to communicate fast and effectively.

A security partner is a person and it’s also Secure-Partner

A range of eight (8) products including three (3) which can be used at home and five (5) most useful in public places. All are devoted to the protection of people.

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